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Experts in polishing

Having problems in your process of grinding, polishing or brighten? In Polidisc, we have the solution.

We manufacture polishing buffs and other components for surface finishing, with a large experience in the field of grinding and polishing allows us to offer:

  • Assessment both manual and automatic processes.
  • Experience in surface finishing of any materials as metals, plastics, wood ....
  • Improving processes for optimizing the quality and cycle times.
  • Programming of robotic systems.
  • New and used machinery for grinding and polishing as well as robotic cells.

Our daily efforts to improve the quality of our products, together with  a constant development and the efficiency of our service, makes us be one of the leading companies in the sector.

Test us, without any compromise.


NEW PHONE NUMBER +34 931 99 53 53


robot puliendo pieza Disco puliendo pieza Robot lijando pieza Disco puliendo rotulas en secuencia